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(or maybe Really Sexy Orgasmic Clayton)
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Welcome To The Ultimate Adam Clayton Shrine
My name is Suzie (Q). I've been a so-called "DIEHARD" U2 fan for 12 years. My favourite member of the band is Adam Charles Clayton, the Ace of Bass. :) Along with a few other maniacs, we founded a club on 14 August in 2001, called RSOC.
Shrine Updates
09/10/01 - Creating The Shrine
26/10/01 - Ahh! I finally could take the time to update my baybee's own shrine ;) NEW!
  • More meetings were added
  • New article and interview from Bass Player (November 2000 issue)
  • Also, new quotes were added
    30/10/01 -
  • Our honourary members were added to the members' list today! YAY! ;) Way to go, gals!
  • Good and Evil Sparky รก la South Park by Mr. LeMon
    10/01/02 - My humble apologies!!
    This page hasn't been updated for ages. I've been quite busy. Sowwy everyone! I'll try to do my best and make major updates... Thanks for your patience!
  • This Week's New: Adam's Glasses
  • Q Magazine Interview / October
  • New members!! Oh yes, we're growing! :)

  • The Shrine
    Visiting this site will give you an idea why this man is so irresistible ;)


    March 13 1960 as Adam Charles Clayton in Chinnot/Oxfordshire in England.
    In 1992 he dated Naomi Campbell. Nowadays, he lives with Suzie Smith.
    Father:Brian Clayton
    Mother:Jo Clayton
    Sister:Sarah Jane Clayton (known as Sindy)
    Brother:Sebastian Clayton

    Precision Bass 1972, natural, CBS-era, with Jazz Bass neck from 1972

    Jazz Bass 1964, natural, CBS-era, with Jazz Bass neck from 1966

    Precision Bass 19XX, white, with black pickguard
    Jazz Bass 1972, natural, CBS-era

    Jazz Bass, 19XX, sunburst

    Telecaster Bass 19XX, used during the "Rattle and hum" tour

    Custom Auerswald #00CCCC bass used for POPMart.
    Stingray, 4-string, white

    Stingray, 5-string, white, white pickguard

    Gibson Thunderbird, mahagoni natural, played on the "Desire"-Video in Rattle and hum

    Gibson Les Paul Bass, white, seen in the album-booklet of Achtung Baby

    ZON Legacy Bass

    Ibanez Musician, brown, Adam used it for the whole WAR-Tour and Unforgettable Fire-Tour

    (Thanks to U2 Sound site)

    Adam: Look guys, I got a Springfield spoon for my spoon collection.
    Edge: Oh boy, here we go...
    Bono: Wow, how many is that now, Adam?
    Adam: 9, if I didn't have my spoons, I'd go insane.
    Bono: Can I see it?
    *Adam gives Bono the spoon, Bono tosses it away*
    Adam: My spoon!
    Mr. Burns: Wankers!

    Familiar? LOL

    Thanks a bunch to Mr. LeMon ;)

    Spoon me ;)

    "Men shouldn't be forced to wear pants, when it's not cold"